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How We Work?

We shifted to a completely remote working model starting 2022. It wasn't easy but we innovated a way that would keep us connected while helping us expand infinitely and cut our dependencies to 60%. It's safe to say that we are transiting into a product model and are one of the very first to do so. Here's what we changed:

Infinite Workforce

We aren't talking about freelancers who just come up to a platform. We are talking about skilled and experienced creators working with us from across the globe all on one single mobile platform.

24 X 7 Operations

When we shift it to the cloud, we can work from anywhere and at anytime taking away the physical boundaries and restrictions increasing our man hours and thereby efficient client servicing.

Affordable Efficiency

Since we did cut all our stagnant costs, we don't need to charge our clients a bomb and be un-approachable. Now we have the freedom to make great strategy & design approachable & affordable.